Kristen's Tips

Party Tips:

  • Fresh flowers, herbs and candles are always a great centerpiece, your guests can take them home and they'll keep for a few days longer!!
  • Keep it simple, limit the food and drinks.  Have one alcoholic drink and one non-alcoholic drink and serve four larger food options instead of ten smaller ones.
  • Start things flowing, having a drink poured & ready as the guests arrive.
  • Have the guests mix their own creations at a bar you have set up with fresh fruit, ice and mixers.
  • Prepare food ahead of time so you can enjoy time with guests.
  • Use the BBQ grill whenever possible, that will keep the kitchen clean, the party light and the food healthy!
  • Choose a theme, they work the best! Fourth of July, New Years, Kentucky Derby party or even Pirates! ...always a great way to entertain friends or family.